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Sneak peek inside Outlaws clubhouse


Here’s what the alleged clubhouse of the Outlaws bikie gang looked like in December 2010 before authorities shut it down and – what it still looks like, structurally – ahead of a bid to fire it up again.

City of Rockingham documents published this week reveal that in April 2010 WA Police complained the warehouse in Toynbee Way, Port Kennedy, was allegedly being used as a clubhouse for the outlaw motorcycle gang.

After a long game of legal cat and mouse that included a police-escorted inspection of the premises, the city in April 2011 succeeded in shutting it down.

The photos here were taken during the December 2010 inspection. Police recently told the council that the warehouse had not returned to its former use.

However, plans have now been lodged for the city to approve a “motorcycle detailing and storage and party promotions showroom”.

The planning application claims the warehouse is to be used for business purposes of outfits called Black and White Motorcycles Party Promotions Showroom and White Motorcycles Detailing.

Council planners consider the proposed use to be bogus and that the real intention is to rekindle the clubhouse.

The planners note that no substantial changes have been proposed to the layout of the warehouse.

The images reveal two dining booths painted black, pool table, widescreen TV and ominous ‘GOD FORGIVES’ message running along the front of a bar.

The skull and crossbones Outlaws logo is liberally draped around the den walls.

Several parts of the photographs where offensive words were displayed have been blacked out by the city.

The owner of the property is a company based in Launceston, Tasmania known only by its Australian Company Number of 069 744 823 Pty Ltd.

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