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Touch of class for West Perth wall



A blank car park wall in West Perth is set to be be jazzed up by a larger-than-life mural from anonymous Belgian artist ROA.

ROA will be in town in late October and wants to paint one of his bold murals on the Eastern wall of the Mayfair Street car park.

A spokeswoman for ROA has said the mural will not cost ratepayers a cent – with a private company commissioning the work.

No designs are yet available, but one of ROA’s murals in Poland is pictured.

The City of Perth owns the car park and six-storey wall, and its staff have recommended the mural be approved in principle.

ROA – a trained veterinarian – has painted walls around the world and his works usually picture stylised animals, often in copulating positions.

To protect Perth’s sensibilities, council supremo Frank Edwards and city councillor Lyndon Rodgers would have final sign-off on the design.

City officials claim the mural would complement such works as the Grand Lane mural by Victorian artists Bonsai and Twoone, the Lion Walk mural by Miso, and Howard Lane by Yok and Stormie.

Earlier this year, revealed the Grand Lane mural had been vandalised. Local graffiti artists claimed the damage was inspired by the work’s lack of local content.

One Response to “Touch of class for West Perth wall”

  1. Dave says:

    Strange that it seems ok for an international artist such as Roa to do a wall in Perth but when a Melbourne artist does the same it\’s not ok? Double standards. BTW have you been to Grand Lane lately? There are two other murals and both are painted by Perth artists? Sour grapes.


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