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Hypnosis hug doctor named


A Perth doctor who embraced a hypnotised female patient without consent has now been named.

A State Administrative Tribunal decision published today reveals Dr Robert Wolman has been fined $4000.

Dr Wolman has been a general practitioner at Perth’s Central City Medical Centre since 1993.

The four members of the tribunal who heard his case delivered a reprimand.

However, they rejected a submission by the Medical Board of Western Australia that he undergo counselling on the matter of professional boundaries.

In an earlier tribunal decision also published today, Dr Wolman was found to have acted improperly when he hugged without consent a 29-year-old patient he had hypnotised during a consultation in May 2009.

Dr Wolman graduated from a South African institution in 1980 before moving to Perth with his wife in 1990.

The patient he hugged was, coincidentally, also a doctor. She had consulted and been hypnotised by Dr Wolman many times since 2006.

Dr Wolman assured the tribunal he no longer hypnotised patients.

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