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Bikie walls come tumbling down


EXCLUSIVE: Rebels bikie gang president Nick Martin, wounded after being shot at through the gate of his Balcatta home on March 18, has been ordered to tear down a two-metre high wall that may have prevented a spray of bullets that day.

Mr Martin fears his family may fall victim to another shooting but a judge has ordered the masonry wall must go by August 20.

In a decision published today, State Administrative Tribunal deputy president David Parry upheld the City of Stirling’s refusal of a belated planning application for the wall.

The decision follows a police order that in March forced the Coffin Cheaters bikie gang to tear down barricades at their Bayswater clubhouse.

In 2008, Mr Martin built his wall without development approval.

During their tribunal appeal against the council refusal, Mr Martin and fellow Rebel Peter Antunovich said their “lifestyles” risked them becoming victims of a driveby shooting.

Mr Martin told Judge Parry he built the wall to protect himself and his family from being shot.

In a well-reported attack on March 18, Mr Martin was indeed shot in the arm – through a gap in the metal gate at the front of his house.

Mr Antunovich told Judge Parry that, had the wall not been in place, “the shooter may have stood more open to the property and sprayed [it with bullets]”.

However, Judge Parry determined Mr Martin’s lifestyle was not a cogent reason to depart from planning policies.

“Thankfully, in this country, very few people need be genuinely concerned that they or their family will be targeted in a drive by shooting,” Judge Parry noted.

Messrs Martin and Antunovich claimed the city council had “victimised” them because of their Rebels membership.

Judge Parry determined the council’s refusal was a sound planning decision.

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