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Egg raid victim granted $70,000


A woman who lost half the sight from her right eye thanks to an idiotic egg raid was today awarded $70,000 in criminal injuries compensation.

On November 2, 2008 Stacey Utting was waiting for a taxi outside the Cottesloe Beach Hotel with her boyfriend when an egg pelted from a passing car struck her in the right eye.

The impact sent the then 26-year-old collapsing to the ground.

Later in the emergency department of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital she was diagnosed with blood in the eye and dilation of the pupil.

Before District Court judge Gillian Braddock opthalmologist Ross Agnello testified Ms Utting had lost half of the eye’s vision. He considered the eye could possibily develop cataracts earlier than if the egging had never occurred.

Sufficient evidence could never be found to bring the egg raiders to justice.

Ms Utting told Judge Gillian Braddock she had felt depressed about the injury for six months after the egging.

She said she had not returned to the Cottesloe Hotel since.

In a decision Judge Braddock described as “sensible”, Ms Utting said she probably would not visit the hotel now anyway as it catered “for a younger crowd“.

In her written judgement today, Judge Braddock considered the permanent eye injury “severe” and awarded Ms Utting a payout of $70,357.50.

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