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Convicted Eagles link dealer wins $100,000


EXCLUSIVE: A convicted drug dealer once linked to West Coast Eagles players has regained more than $100,000 confiscated by police from the passenger seat of his car.

In a District Court decision published today, Judge Julie Wager noted that in February 2008 police stopped the car of Robert William Morris and appropriated $108,390 cash.

About $106,000 of the money was found in a paper bag on the passenger seat beside Morris.

In May 2008, the Director of Public Prosecutions succeeded in having the cash frozen under the Criminal Property Confiscation Act.

In recent years, Morris was linked to Eagles players with reports saying some were secretly recorded by police arranging to pick up “the ironing” from the convicted drug dealer in 2001.

Now Morris has succeeded in getting the DPP’s confiscation order overturned, with Judge Wager finding he had lawful access to the large sum of money found in his car.

Before Judge Wager, Morris successfully argued he had been carrying the cash to pay for equipment and an advertising campaign for a gym he was setting up.

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