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Gypsy Joker pub fined $15,000


A hotel that let a Gypsy Joker bikie wear his ‘colours’ in its beer garden, and allegedly let patrons drink from jugs before a drunk challenged police to a fight has been fined $15,000.

Testimony published in a Liquor Commission decision yesterday states that on November 20 last year in the beer garden of Kwinana Lodge Hotel police saw a man wearing a sleeveless jacket bearing a Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club insignia.

The commission heard that police also noticed two drunk patrons at the hotel.

Counsel for police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan testified that permitting the display of the outlawed motorcycle gang’s logo contravened  a condition of the hotel’s liquor licence.

The commission heard that when police later asked why a bikie in ‘colours’ was allowed to enter the hotel, director Leon Hagen Hagen responded: “Umm, yeah but they were okay”.

The commission accepted that on the night of November 20 last year hotel manager Lynn Maria Patton had told police she was too busy to check for drunk patrons.

A policeman testified that on that night a drunk patron had asked: “Why are you kicking people out, people drink out of jugs here every week”.

The policeman recalled a female officer being verbally abused by a patron before another, drunk, patron challenged officers to a fight.

Mr O’Callaghan’s counsel asked the commission to suspend the hotel’s licence.

However, the commission noted this was the first time Kwinana Lodge Hotel had appeared before it, and instead imposed a $15,000 fine for the above and other alleged indiscretions.

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